Akacha Nature Africa









Akacha Limited imports and distributes speciality black soap from Africa. 

Our Akacha soap is named after the Akacha plant, which is a natural growing plant only found in Africa, and which has many medicinal properties.

Akacha black soap is vegetable based, 100% organic and produced from natural products.  The production process is essentially manual.

Our Akacha black soap contains a wide selection of pure organic oils and compounds available from Africa’s South Savanna Belt:  Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Black Palm Soda (Ngu-Palm fonds derivative), Coconut Oil, Coconut acid, Glycerin (Skin Conditioner) Oil, Water, Ground Nut Oil, Soya Oil, and Akacha (Neem Nut) Oil.

These all make Akacha soaps very effective, also entirely natural, entirely organic, and ethically produced products.